September 17, 2014

God working through His Disciples in Life Groups

                                                        Riverside Church 
We all want to “belong.” Joining, or even visiting, a Life Group can be a rather scary prospect for some folks, though. “Doing life” alone is even scarier, however. Pastor Bob recently preached, man’s first crisis was being alone. God said it was not good...and He made Adam a companion. This week, a new couple at Riverside attended a Life Group for their first time. Here’s a part of the letter the Life Group leaders received after that first visit: 
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful hospitality that you extended to us this evening. Once again there is proof that God indeed answers prayers. When we moved here, I prayed that the Lord would help us find a new church that would meet our needs, most importantly a church that truly had a love for the Lord and one in which we could feel as if we belonged. I believe he has done that for us in Riverside. 
We also wanted to be in a small group but wanted one wherein there were like-minded people who love the Lord and who shared that love with others. I know we have found that as well. We are excited about belonging to your group and look forward to forming relationships with everyone. Your group feels like a family and that was so important to us.  
My husband is a very private man and has had difficulty over the years in forming trusting relationships with other men. He’s always been hesitant to “open up” with them. We talked about that on the way home, and he said he felt comfortable with the group and was looking forward to being there. It will be a slow process for him to open up, as I said, but I think he is looking forward to the opportunity. While he has remained a part of the denomination he grew up in, he told me that it’s probably the reason he’s been so mistrusting. So, for me, it is a true blessing that he is opening up his mind to new possibilities. He loves the Lord but has not shared his love of his faith with many others beside myself.  
So this is simply to say Thank you for your kind welcome tonight and your warmth and kindness you showed us. You are both true disciples of God. 
 Praise God for drawing this couple to Riverside and to this Life Group, meeting their needs. Praise God for allowing us to be a family, His family, growing together into disciples that love and live like Jesus.